Take a data-first approach to your paid‑search strategy.

We dig deep and connect your data to discover the details about your SEM opportunity that others can’t. Then, we maximize what it’s worth.


Deep segmentation. Dynamic content. Machine learning. Superior results.


Unlike most competitors, we segment and adjust your bids by more than just keywords. We bring together a host of factors to make your bids as efficient as possible.

Quality Score

We create a custom landing page for each search to achieve near‑perfect quality scores. It enables us to deliver more clicks at a lower cost‑per‑click.

Conversion Rate

Our search analytics and on-site customer behavior data feed our automatically self-adjusting algorithm. That, in turn, improves your site’s conversion rate on an ongoing basis.

Higher conversion rates. Lower costs per click.
More sales for your paid‑search dollar.

We have an unfair advantage in paid search.
Do you want one too?

We use technology to solve the problems of paid search that others don’t.

Precision Data Analytics

We want to know how every penny is spent. But leading-paid search management systems optimize bids based on only one dimension—keyword. Many can’t optimize mobile searches differently from desktop. But customer goals are different on different devices and performance differs widely.

We use data from Google and Bing to connect your revenue with actual clicks. It lets us segment data and adjusts bids by an endless number of dimensions beyond keyword such as ad creative, time, geographic area, device, and a wide variety of demographic factors.

Self‑Learning Page Optimization

We use our Precision Data Analytics to track performance based on detailed segmentation data AND on-site customer behavior. Our automatically self‑adjusting algorithms build a profile around these data points. It uses this profile to optimize the landing page experience to improve performance.

The result: a virtuous circle of continual testing and improvement.

How our platform works

First, your customer clicks on an ad

Your customers click on your ads. Our Precision Data Analytics system receives detailed segmentation data.

This data includes:

  • Search details (keyword, ad creative, etc.)
  • Demographics (age, gender, location, etc.)
  • The time, date, and day of week
  • Type of device

Then, your customer arrives at a custom landing page

Your customers land on pages that are dynamically generated for each search. We continuously split test elements of the landing page experience.

Your conversion rates increase and bounce rates decrease.

We automatically optimize with machine learning

Our Precision Data Analytics combines segmentation data and landing page split test data. Our Self‑Learning Page Optimization Algorithm uses the data to automatically optimize the landing page experience. It creates different, highly‑optimized pages according to deeply segmented search data.

Your conversion rates increase and bounce rates decrease further.

The cycle starts over. We build on our success.

As we get more data over time, our system continues to refine your paid‑search program.

Your conversion rates continue to increase. Bounce rates continue to decrease.

We continue to improve your ROI until we reach peak performance—and you get what it’s worth.

The What It’s Worth Model

It’s simple really, we measure cost and revenue at the most granular level. Then we continuously optimize to improve results.

Determine What It’s Worth

We set up your campaign. We track your performance with deep segmentation. Our proprietary data analytics lets us match cost and revenue back to each click. This gives us the clearest‑possible understanding of how and where to make improvements.

Optimize Cost

We pinpoint the most effective budget and adjust your bids to optimize value. Our proprietary landing page platform drives your quality score up. And that drives your cost per click down. You gain the competitive advantage in the keyword marketplace.

Optimize Revenue

Our proprietary landing page platform drives your conversion rate higher—and at higher revenue per conversion. It automatically test a wide range of variables on an ongoing basis. Our self‑learning algorithm determines which factors get the best results. Then, it implements the winning combinations to different market segments.

Two ways to get started …

In both cases, we help you understand the potential in the market and put you on the path toward achieving it.

Opportunity Analysis

If you are just getting started in paid search

Do you want to understand what the opportunity in paid search is for your specific business? If you don’t have an active paid search account and aren’t sure what level of success you’ll find, we can help. We’ll give you a clear understanding of how you’ll get the greatest return on your paid-search investment.

We’ll work with you to understand your business model and goals. Then, we’ll compile a comprehensive analysis of:

  • Market demand
  • Competitive landscape
  • Website elements

Account Audit

If you want more from your current paid‑search program

Do you want to understand where you can make improvements in your paid search program? We can help you discover what’s working and what’s not working. We may even uncover hidden opportunities and other things you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

We’ll work with you to understand your business model and goals. Then, we’ll compile a comprehensive analysis of:

  • Account structure
  • Keyword selection
  • Mobile
  • Quality scores
  • Landing pages

We hand you a blueprint for your success in paid search.

You can choose to execute this plan yourself or have us ensure optimal results.

When we started, we had to get it right—or we wouldn’t get paid.

It’s called performance marketing. If you succeed, you get paid—but if you fail, you don’t. In 2016, we started our business in paid search using a performance marketing model. We developed our approach and flourished.

But the performance marketing model isn’t a good fit for all clients. So in 2018, we opened our finely-tuned, paid-search platform to other clients using consulting and account management models too.

Paid search is all we do.

Many marketing firms offer a variety of services to become a one-stop shop that includes paid search. It’s a smart idea to grab more of your total marketing budget. But they always do some things better than others. After all, you can’t really “specialize” in everything.

Nobody’s perfect. But we’re close when it comes to paid search. It’s the only thing we do. And we’re the best because we applied our deep experience in marketing and technology to solve the problems others haven’t. The result: unbeatable paid-search performance.

We’re here to help your business get what it’s worth.

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